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"Investing myself on true passion in the spice industry made me become a passionate industry leader."


"The success story of Nature Spices lies in the passion, courage and vision we maintained from the day one with all hard work and everyone else who had been and are employed and everyone who helped throughout this journey"


Nature Industries (PVT) Ltd.

Founder / CO  / Entrepreneur

Ishan Fernando



How we become the taste of the nation?

Nature Spices is a brand coming from a GMP approved company established in Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon). We originate from a country with a long history and famous for quality spices. Thus Nature Spices have the capacity of supplying the genuine and highest quality spices grown in our native soil.

Known as the Spice Island, Sri Lanka was historically attractive to the Western nations for its spice riches. Sri Lankan spices and allied production suppliers export the most sought-after cinnamon, pepper, cloves, cardamoms, chili, curry powder and many more. These grow in abundance all over the island in fertile and diverse soil types and varying temperature conditions.

More than 50% of Sri Lankan agricultural exports consist of spices, allied products and essential medicine. These varieties of condiments are used to season, flavor and aromatize various forms of cuisines across the world.

At Nature Spices, we believe customer satisfaction is the key to the success. We maintain strict and professional process of harvesting, warehouse, handling and processing standards, in order to meet the requirements of our international best quality market. We guarantee that all our spices are free of defects and have their immaculate aroma and taste.


The story of success & where that all began

Nature Spices incorporated in 1999 with a view of supplying high quality spices to local consumers. From day one, we focused on quality, grate taste and smell without adding any preservatives or additives. ​


We were one of the first companies to offer spices in multi-color printed, food grade bags. ​


These high quality products are the results of careful planning and executing of GMP certified process at our purpose build factory. We believe in high quality raw material producing highest quality output.



Currently, we supply our products to largest super market chains locally, both as ‘Nature Spices’ brand as well as private labelled packages on a regular basis.


We contemplate to exports our high quality spices into Australia, Canada, USA, Cyprus, Italy, UK, Japan, Korea & Middle Eastern countries such as UAE, as well as to Maldives, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia where a large number of Sri Lankan, Asian & European expatriate migrant workers and natives who value the Sri Lanka quality spice.


  • To supply our clients a quality product at a reasonable price.

  • Responsible to help the farming community to uplift their living standards. Hence, we always buy their products at a guaranteed price.

  • Uplift the cottage industry in Sri Lanka.

  • Increase the life standards and benefits for everyone those who contribute to spice industry.



To supply international export quality spices grown in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) to the market around the globe.


Maintaining sustainable quality of production as well as trust among all our customers in both local & international markets make a strong foundation of Nature Spices's that will always remain with us as the true passionate quality spices market leader.

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