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Our Passion For Spices Production

We have invested a larger facility for the production believing our thousands of  years old local true passion of Sri Lanka spices industry .


From the manual system to the most automated machinery  production process we follow our best local and modern international techniques, standards and quality maintainers in order to bring out a the best of the spices production.


Our goal is to maintain the highest production quality of Sri Lanka spices in local and international market by strengthening our local farmer and all who contribute to the spices industry.  


Nature Spice




How we become the taste of the nation?

More than 20,000 sq.ft purpose built factory located in a serene environment is fully GMP certified. We use manual labor for cleaning, washing and sorting our raw material.


This ensures the automated machines receive highest quality chilies, pepper, cloves, cinnamon, etc.., without any unwanted particles. Once the raw materials preparation ready, the raw material goes through stainless steel based machinery. This ensures the spices are not mixed with metal powder, degraded coolers' and spoiled smell.

We use fully automated bagging machines. The color printed, food grade pouches are filled, sealed and date stamped before getting into batch boxes. They are then stored in the temporary storage area before loading in our distribution fleet. We are in the process of obtaining ISO certification for our factory.

delivery & storage

We are maintaining quality raw material inspections, health and safety standards during the process of storing after raw material delivery. This process is to make sure that all our raw materials contain the exact standards of quality, health and safety before storing.

Our storage facilities are at its best standard to secure and maintain the food storage with a well-trained responsible team who are dedicated to maintain the storage process, FIFO system, health and safety standards in order to make sure the quality of our production process.


Sieving all our raw materials manually is our key processing moments where we make sure that our every single food packaging contains well cleaned and well selected food throughout a standard manual human inspection of quality, health & safety.

Our sorting section also have a dedicated team who are committed to maintain the quality of each product before it filled in to every package or going through certain machinery process by running the process manually with their long experience in industry where they care about providing the best out put of quality and standard of the production.

food drying process

We follow the industry standards to bring out the best quality of certain products towards our drying process. Our equipment and machinery is at the top standard in order to carry out drying process of certain products by our experienced team by constantly monitoring and handling the process.

raw food processing & grinding

Nature spices teams constantly check the raw materials during the process before it leads to the grinding machine. We use our machinery to supply and manage the large quantities of productions in order to comply our client requirements specially to meet deadlines with fast track processing and supplying.

We maintain the highest standards during the grinding process in order to supply the best quality product.

moisture testing & weight checking of packaging

The nature Spices expert team constantly follows our standards, quality control, health and safety policies on all products where we ensure that every end product contains the same standard quality & quantity that we promise and manufactured under same international standards before they arrive to the supermarket shelves.

We are committed to our standards from moisture testing for weight of every end product that bring the worthiness of value with international quality for every product that are consumed by our faithful customers.

fully automated processing & packaging machine

Nature Spices has invested on major industry leading fully automated brand new machinery that are capable of handling large scale production with super-fast food processing, weight measuring and packaging at same time.

We guarantee higher quality products with large quantities with quick supply by cutting down time duration of the entire manual process of productions. We are highly confident of meeting deadlines of large scale production supply in any quantity by guaranteeing the quality of every single product that comes out from our factory.

manual packaging

Our well experienced Nature Spices team still follows our long tradition of manual packaging since the first day we started our business. We believe that our original nature of doing quality business and our nature of the original production process brought us all this long to build an empire in the world of spices.

This is to make sure that we haven’t forgotten our old tracks of this journey that build the concrete structure of Nature Spices that are still incomparable to the automated machine technology we use.

environmental friendly / health & safety

Nature Spices management are always keen on the safety first method for all employees. We have installed one of the major requirements which we consider a as major investment to reduce the environmental pollution and increase the health and safety of the entire factory premises for our employees.

We always value the environment friendly methods along with the safety methods for the greater good of the future of everyone and this beautiful planet.

production display &

storage area

Nature Spices maintain a large storage facility where it has the ability to accommodate large quantities of productions.

Our storage area is made up for the industry standards of food storing and is always well looked after by our well experienced staff. The entire storage process is maintaining accordingly to the FIFO method until all products ready for delivery.

production delivery

We are capable of large scale production delivery and supply from local to international markets and customers from anywhere in the world.

Our dedicated delivery and supply teams are capable of delivering the goods safely and faster by trucks or by airfreight or by shipping including insurance facilities by ensuring a safer and a friendly service from our factory to the customer's doorstep.

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