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Miss Chamanka Gamage Entrepreneur Discussion with Mr. Ishan Fernando

Miss Chamanka Gamage Nature Spices Cooking Demonstration seasons one host entrepreneur discussion with Mr. Ishan Fernando the Chairmen of Nature Industries.

Our host Chamanka Gamage will be introducing her very own few different tasty recipes in our Nature Spices Cooking Demonstrations season one. She introduces combinations of international and local recipes throughout entire Nature Spices Cooking Demonstration season one.

What is "Sugar Bliss By Chamanka"?

'Sugar Bliss founder Chamanka Gamage is a young entrepreneur who is currently maintaining an online business where the profits are being donated for charity work. "Sugar Bliss by Chamanka" is specialized in sweet items where the products mostly promoted on social media platform.

Who is Chamanka Gamage?

Sugar Bliss by Chamanka is owned and operated by Chamanka Gamage. Baking and cooking are very much a part of her DNA. Her great grandfather was one of the founders of the Maliban Empire while her maternal grandmother had her owned several pastry shops at Liberty Plaza.

Her family roots aside, her passion has always been to serve the nation as a humanitarian therefore, she started a non profit organization named “Mahindasoma Foundation” in remembrance of her grandfather former chief minister of north central province Hon G.D Mahindasoma.

Why Charity?

The main objective of the organization is to uplift the lives of the underprivileged people residing in Anuradhapura district. The organization has 500 member Currently, Chamanka donates her business profit to support Mahindasoma foundation to engage in their charity projects.

Few Highlights of Chamanka’s Life Journey

Chamanka Gamage is a graduate from State University of New York at Oswego, she majored in political science and, sociology. While she was pursuing her higher education she engaged in many extracurricular activities in fact, she was the first Asian president to lead the HeforShe United nation’s club.

Her journey was remarkable as she graduated as the youngest student at the age of 20 and, getting her name on to the high achievers president list.

Chamanka as an international social activist for women empowerment

As a Sri Lankan Chamanka was always proud of her Sri Lankan heritage as she was president to lead the HeforShe United nation’s club, she was able to organize a program that spoke about gender equality in Sri Lanka. Thus, she was able to discuss many issues and, positive aspects that women are facing in Sri Lankan society. She was able to get MP Hon. Namal Rajapakse as the guest speaker on via Skype once and as a feminist he provided his point of view about women’s position in Sri Lankan society.

Moreover, Chamanka also lead the sociology association at SUNY Oswego. She was mostly recognized for her research based on exploitation of female role on advertising media thus, she got an opportunity to present her research report & the presentation at the 66th annual New York State Sociological Association meeting.

Leadership training of Chamanka's Life

Chamanka also got the opportunity to intern under a well known politician named Dana Balter. Moreover, as a passionate humanitarian Chamanka was chosen as a mentor to Oswego middle school & high school students. She also worked under her professor as a professor’s assistant.

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