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Cinnamon Coffee For A Healthy Start In The Morning

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

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Cinnamon Coffee

For taste alone, adding cinnamon to your brew is a great idea that brings with it the smell and flavor of fall, and is a delicious addition to hot beverages. Also you’ve probably heard that cinnamon coffee is also healthy. It’s a spice that you think of as soon as the leaves start to turn brown.

Cinnamon Coffee Recipe

Step 1 - Preparation

· Grab your coffee beans and measure out as much as you want to grind.

· Find your cinnamon sticks and snap or cut them with kitchen scissors into pieces about the same size as a coffee bean.

· Any bigger and they won’t grind up properly.

Step 2 - Grind

· Switch your grinder on and inhale.

· Enjoy the heady mix of freshly ground coffee and full potency cinnamon. What a rush!

Step 3 - Brew

· Make your coffee in exactly the same way you usually would.

Cinnamon Nutrition Table of Nature Spices Products

· Saturated Fatty Acid : 0.3%

· Carbohydrate : 49%

· Dietary Fiber : 22g / 100g

· Energy : 217 kcal / 100g

· Fat : 0.1%

· Protein : 3.1%

· Sugar : 1.9%

· Sodium : 48.5mg / kg

Health Benefits of Consuming Cinnamon

How sweet cinnamon can be?: Naturally cinnamon has a sweet flavor, so brew will mellow without needing to add sugar or artificial sweeteners when you stirring your coffee. It is an ideal addition for anyone care about their sugar intake.

Clearing your sinuses: Adding cinnamon into your coffee will help act as a decongestant If you are struggling with the effect of allergies or have a cold. The warm brew will soothe your throat, while the cinnamon tackles that bunged up feeling perfectly.

Boost your energy: Coffee gives you a boost anyway, but because cinnamon helps your body handle sugar (more on that later) you will get the benefits of your cup o’ joe for longer.

Lowers appetite: Cinnamon satisfies that sweet craving and suppresses appetite. You feel satisfied for longer so it’s a great tip for those trying to lose weight or just stretch the gap between snacks.

It’s nutritious: Cinnamon is a great source of nutrients. Fiber, calcium, manganese, iron and Vitamin K are all found in the flavorful bark.

Cinnamon Is A Medicine: Cinnamon has been used for medicinal purposes and has been known as a healing herb since it is mentioned in Chinese botanical books that date back to 2700 B.C. In ancient Rome It had been used medicinally for cold and flu as well as for the problems of the digestive system. Recently,

It has been studied for its ability to boost brain power, reduce blood clotting and its healing effects on the heart and colon. Recent studies have proved its ability to control type 2 diabetics by reducing blood sugar level and to reduce blood cholesterol level.

In traditional society’s cinnamon is said to have used to relieve digestive upset, congestion, menstrual problems, stiff joints and muscles. It has said to been used as an anti-inflammatory agent and as a pain reliever to arthritis patients. Some studies had shown that cinnamon help to cure urine tract infections and to fight tooth decay and gym disease.

Euginol is the main chemical ingredient in cinnamon leaf oil and Cinnamaldihide is present in cinnamon bark oil. However there are hundreds of minor chemical ingredients which give characteristic flavor and aroma in true cinnamon.

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