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Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Nature Spices Cooking Demonstrations - Series 003 | Recipe 002

Easy but a tasty Oil Cake or that can be a perfect addition to your sweet recipes or decorate the Sinhalese & Hindu New Year dining table.

Aluth Avurudu or Sinhala & Hindu New Year has being a significant thousands of years old traditional festival to the people of Sri Lanka, The festival is celebrated with many traditional astrological time based events including funfairs in every village and town in Sri Lanka. The celebration’s main event is the transition of the Sun from the House of Pisces to the House of Aries marks the beginning of Aluth Avurudu (in Sinhala) and Puthandu (in Tamil) and is usually celebrated on April 14th every year.

The entire island turn on to a festive mood as people prepare for the celebrations by cleaning homes, shopping and making New Year sweets, to be ready for the New Year to make it joyful and welcome family, relatives, neighbors and friends to celebrate the season.

“Aluth Avurudu Kema or Kavili Mesaya” or the traditional New Year dining table has a lot more important amazing diverse traditional vegan sweets and food to offer for all the food lovers in the world.

We are introducing even a new kind of an Oil Cake which is made of Banana & Coconut that is similar to the traditional “Konda Kawum” taste in this recipe



· Coconut oil or Cooking Oil 300 ml – 400 ml 2 x Ripped Banana

· 100g Scraped Coconut

· 50g Sugar

· 1 x Egg

· 3 x Table Spoons Flour

· 1 x Table Spoon of Cinnamon Powder

· 1 x Table Spoon of Baking Powder

· 1 x Table Spoon of Vanila

· 1 x Table Spoon of Milk Powder

Step 01

1. Smash the bananas

2. Add and mix well the scraped coconut with smashed bananas

3. Add sugar, baking powder, milk powder, cinnamon powder, egg and vanilla then mix well again

4. Now add flour to the well mixed recipe and mix well until the all ingredients get creamy

Step 02

1. Get your heavy based sauce pan or a small wok and fill Coconut oil or Cooking Oil up to a level you can deep fry your mixer. This depends on your fryer or sauce pan so please follow the video to get a better idea.

2. Keep the heat at a minimum of 180 °C or 350 °F of your oil.

3. Get 2 table spoons ready and get each spoon to each hand.

4. Use one table spoon to get a spoon full of the recipe mixer and hold it up next to boiling oil. Then use your other spoon on other hand and drop the mixer to the boiling oil keeping the mixer close to sauce pan.

5. Please follow the video to get a better idea of how our Chef Jagath do it very carefully and how trickily he use both spoons to turn the recipe cream in to a ball shape when its drop to the fryer.

6. Continue the procedure until you finish your mixer by using the same technique.

7. Fry all the balls until it get golden brown and quickly take them out and keep them on a tissue paper to let the oil suck in to tissue paper.


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