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Nature Spices Cooking Demonstrations - Series 003 | Recipe 004

If you need to impress your gusts or your family then the Chocolate Fritters will be your magical recipe to make a delightful gathering.

Cheff Jagath always believes the quickest and the best recipe is Chocolate fritters which will do the magic for your instant easy preparation for any gathering, because the taste and texture will delight no matter how old you visitors are. It’s an easy traditional recipe goes with its own history in Latin countries such as Spain or Colombia.

We thought it would be nicer with some traditional Sri Lankan taste by adding world finest Sri Lanka cinnamon which will make it more tasty and delightful by using our Nature Spices Cinnamon brand. You'll just need to wait the right amount time and follow the steps as its mentioned in our blog as well as the video to learn how to make super tasty cinnamon flavored chocolate fritters at home.


  • Ingredients

  • 1500g flour

  • 2,1/2 table spoons of milk powder

  • 1,1/2 table spoons of baking powder

  • 30g of sugar

  • 1 egg

  • 1 table spoon of Cinnamon Powder

  • 1 table spoon of Vanilla

  • 100 ml Soda water

  • 15 Pieces of Dark Milk Chocolate

  • Sliced Orange Wedges (To Garnish)

  • Chocolate Syrup (To Garnish)

  • Mint Leaves (To Garnish)


Add 200g flour, add 2,1/2 table spoons of milk powder, add 1,1/2 table spoons of baking powder, 30g of sugar, 1 egg, 1 table spoon of Cinnamon Powder, 1 table spoon of Vanilla and 100 ml Soda water in to your mixing bowl and then well mix and beat the all ingredients until it turns fully cream


Now add Dark Milk Chocolate pieces as it shown in the video to the bowl and mix again without breaking the chocolate pieces.


Get the oil pan and fill sunflower oil to a level where you can deep fry the mixture and heat the pan to a frying temperature.

Use your table spoon gently and pick chocolate pieces one by one fully covered with cream from the bowl as same as it shown in the video then add it to the deep frying oil pan by making the chocolate and its surrounded cream set as oval shape. You will understand the technic of getting the shape if you have clearly watch the video how Chef Jagath using his spoon.

Wait until it fry them until it all turn golden color then take them out and put them in to a bowl with dry tissues or paper serviettes to absorb the oil of the chocolate fritters.


Then arrange them nicely in to a bowl and garnish them with chocolate syrup, sliced orange wedges and mint leaves.

You now have your delicious chocolate fritters ready to be eaten as an original and decadent dessert! Enjoy!

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