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Nature Spices Cooking Demonstrations - Series 002 | Recipe 007

Delicious spicy rice mixed with Tamarind and Cumin.

This recipe makes the perfect Tamarind & Cumin rice and is the only one you’ll need when you want fluffy, perfectly cooked rice which is full of flavor, but super simple to make. You won’t believe it but this takes under 10 minutes to cook!

If you want your rice to be a little more subtle then this is where cumin rice comes in. This is not a traditional recipe, but rather a unique version of Tamarind & Cumin rice.

If you’ve never had cumin seeds this recipe might be a bit foreign to you. They have a uniquely earthy and slightly peppery taste that is hard to describe. But it has a taste of distinctly different than ground cumin.

Many like the taste so much that anyone can just crunch down on them like snack. If you’re new to cumin seeds or want a slightly more subtle flavor, start with one or one and a half teaspoons of cumin seeds instead of two teaspoons.

Do you see how every grain of rice is separate? It’s not overly greasy or under cooked or gluey. We are talking about the perfect Tamarind & Cumin rice that is steamed and takes about 10 minutes to make. Yes, only 10 minutes! And our Chef Jagath going to teach you how to make it just like this.

Tamarind & Cumin Rice Recipe

1st Ingredients

· Boiled Rice

· Oil or Margarine

· Garlic

· Onion

· Carrots

· Leaks

· Curry Powder (N)

· Tamarind Pulp (N) (Tamarind Without Seeds)

· Eggs

· Chilly Pieces (N)

· Black Pepper Powder

Step 01

· Heat the Margarine

· Add Onion & Garlic fry till it get golden brown

· Add vegetables & spices

· Add eggs

· Add Boiled Rice and mix well and served with a fried egg

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